This style of Belly Dance is the most glamorous, sensual, flirtatious and is frequently accompanied by sparkling beads, shiny coins, glitz, and often, skimpier costumes. It’s designed for the nightclub environment, indoor parties, restaurants, weddings and belly grams.

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Polynesian dancing often describes the ancient warriors, goddesses and everyday life on the Islands – each dance describes a story about the culture of the people from around the South Pacific. Traditionally, the dances were conceived to thank the gods who aided the islanders, to celebrate good fortune, and to pay respect to the various chiefs.  Because there was no written language, Polynesian dance and its accompanying music preserved various stories and rituals of the Indigenous people. Consequently, the dancing represented today is as much a celebration of life as it is a proud statement of cultural awareness.

Classic belly dancing becomes a Fusion when adding elements from other dance forms such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Polynesian, Flamenco, African Dance, Gymnastics, Salsa, or even Martial Arts, altering significantly what is
considered authentic or classic belly dancing.

Tribal style is usually performed in groups and is recognized for costuming borrowed from around the world like India, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
This belly dance style is more ethnic and folkloric. The use of swords is common. Tribal belly dance was originated in the US in the 1960’s in the San Francisco area. Tribal belly dancers usually use larger, slower, and deeper moves.

Sword Dancing is a spectacular addition to a Middle Eastern dance routine. It can be exciting and captivating. The sword adds a level of mystique and a touch of “danger”. Because the sword is a weapon, the dancer must remember that the touch of “danger” is very real. Swords made for dancing are not sharpened for dueling; however, by their nature, are indeed dangerous and can inflict wounds. Therefore it is imperative that the dancer employing a sword in her routine be thoroughly experienced with balancing, and able to execute all the moves correctly.

Veil Dancing is one of the most moving, flowing, expressive, and beautiful parts of belly dancing. This is simply my favorite and most dynamic prop to work with. It symbolizes beautifully the flowing ‘humanness’ in the dance and creates an intoxicating atmosphere of exotic mystery. The effect of the veil even transcends gender capturing a dancer’s deepest essence – be they male or female. Watching a veil dance unfold, you see beauty, softness, and seduction in a woman’s tantalizing motion whereas strength, power, control and romance exude from a male’s dynamic movement. The use of two veils at the same time adds hypnotizing dimension and depth to an already very elegant and ethereal performance.

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