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Great belly dance articles:

Great source of belly dance information:





Costuming advice:



Footwear and some belly dance accessories:  

Professional looking costumes, awesome beaded bras and belts:  

Hand dyed light silk veils: 

Heavier silk veils: 

Other resources

Great belly dancer in Denver, Colorado:  

Belly Dance Superstars:

Special thank you to:

Alejandro Ursino (my little brother), for designing and creating my website and my beautiful poster.Thank you for your love, support and believing in me.

Claire O'Leary, for her help with this website project and promoting myself.
Thank you for your friendship and continuous support.

Susan Olson, for her amazing fotography!
and contact her at

Kevin Hartnell, for his awesome Xena pictures. Find more of his work at

Susan Linden, for her help marketing myself.

My mom and dad, Olga and Julio, for letting me grow and become who I am, paying for all those dance lessons, coming to all of my rehearsals and performances. Thank you for your love, effort and support.

Mi mamá y mi papá, Olga y Julio, por dejarme crecer y ser lo que soy, pagando por todas esas clases de danzas, participando de todos mis ensayos y presentaciones. Grácias por su amor, esfuerzo y apoyo.

Martha Oller, my first dance teacher, for introducing me to the dance world.

Martha Oller, mi primera profesora de danzas, por introducirme al mundo de la danza.

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